One or more greeters will greet you and hand you a service folder as you enter. You can then enter the sanctuary and find a seat that suits you. As far as dress goes, we have no dress code, but a general rule of thumb is to wear what you would wear in public for some other occasion/event (high school musical performance, dinner at a sit-down restaurant, etc.).

Our Sunday services typically last a little longer than an hour (about an hour and fifteen minutes on Communion Sundays). We usually follow one of three orders of service that are found on pages 154–203 of our blue hymnal. Your service folder will contain an outline of the service and the Scripture readings. The pastor helps worshipers follow along and indicates when to stand, sit, etc. You are asked to sit and stand with everyone else (unless you are physically unable), but as far as speaking, singing, or praying goes, do what you’re comfortable doing. If you are completely unfamiliar with what we believe and teach, we actually encourage you not to participate, but simply to observe and listen. We gather an offering not long after the sermon, but it is freewill and non-compulsory.

We celebrate something called Holy Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, toward the end of some of our services. See the next question and answer for more information.